Tips to Create a Great Dining Space

Your dining room doesn’t have a boring room in the home, in fact brightening up the space can make it a more enjoyable room to make use. Many people turn their dining rooms into dark spaces which are unappealing, not functional in any way and seem as a place that is seldom used.When you choose dark dining tables and chairs, adding lighter tones, splashes of color and creating a welcoming space can make sure you have a room where you can sit down as a family and enjoy a family meal each day without feeling as though the walls are closing in on you.You can easily add color by adding light and bright blinds or curtains in the room.This can immediately give the room a little lift, even the darkest room can enjoy the benefit of light-colored window dressings which are essential items and also highly functional, stylish and leave you with a light and bright design.

Ensure you paint the walls a lighter color, especially if you have a smaller space to work with. Darkened walls, rich in color may seem as calming, but they can turn any room into a dark dungeon.Choose light colors that can complement your dining table and chairs while making the space feel larger and more spacious than it actually is.Lighting is essential and a modern option is to add some beautiful pendant lights that hang over your dining table.Your dining table are alive with light, making it easier when sitting around the table to see and speak to each other. Pendant lighting has grown in popularity and when carefully placed as a spectacular feature.This lighting can also be beneficial to open plan dining spaces where you want to differentiate the rooms, making the dining table separate from the kitchen or living room.Another great choice is to mix and match the chairs you place around your dining table. If you have a heavy solid wood mahogany table, choosing light-colored chairs and mixing and matching their style can create a unique design for the space.This is done on a more regular basis these days, creating a spectacular and comfortable space that has a special design feature.Always add a cabinet in the area. You’ll be amazed how much you will rely on this one piece of furniture and how convenient it. A cabinet is used to keep plates, cups, extra cutlery and serving dishes.It eliminates clutter on the dining table when not in use and it also gives you more room in your kitchen for all your other items.Ensure your cabinet blends in with the rest of the furniture items in the room, they should work together to create a spectacular place where you can entertain, enjoy family meals and make use of the space every day.

If you have a dark wooden dining table and you want to brighten it, the best way to do this is to use a light runner across the length of the table.Runners are exceptionally useful items that can also create a great feature on the table. The runner can add some contrast to the table while also creating a stunning design when the table isn’t in use.It takes a darkened item and adds that much-needed splash of light to brighten up the space.Dining table size is imperative. You need to make sure you create a comfortable and functional space where you can move around with ease.Consider the chairs around the table and see if you can get around the chairs if someone is sitting in them, this can help you decide on size and shape of the table you need to create a great dining space.

No Money and Guests Are Coming for The Holiday’s – 6 Zero-Cost Tips for A More Beautiful Home

There are times in life, despite our best efforts, when things happen and we must just make the best. If you’re like me nothing dings the household budget like inviting guests over, especially around the holidays. Somehow the money you’d set aside for that new rug, throw pillows or a new piece of art gets tapped and you’re left feeling insecure about your home’s appearance just days before guest are scheduled to arrive. I’ve been there and I know that feeling. You look around and instead of seeing that thoughtfully designed living and dining room you see the same thing you do every day. And it doesn’t make you feel like the super-hero host or hostess you want to be.Never fear. There are a handful of quick tips that cost zero (or almost zero) dollars but will help to transform you home into something about which you can feel proud when holiday guests start arriving.Here are my 6 Zero-Cost Tips for A More Beautiful Home1. Edit, Edit, Edit. Spares, simple and refined should be the goal in every room of the house. Edit out things that are not needed for the event ahead. Boxes, bags and piles of anything should be swept out of sight. Table tops should hold no more than three decorative items and secondary furniture (legged chairs, stools and ottomans, unless needed for extra seating) should be removed to the attic, basement or garage.

2. Clean Completely. Regardless of your budget, or lack thereof, there is no excuse for a dirty house. Set aside the necessary time, and enlist the assistance of every able-body in the house, to scrub, dust, vacuum and polish every inch. It won’t go unnoticed and it will say much about your hosting skills and abilities.3. Create a Welcoming Moment. Step inside your entry door and take note at what your eyes rest upon when you first enter. Is it a blank wall, an empty table-top, a small bookcase or an old coat rack? Start with what you have and think carefully and creatively about how to make this moment as welcoming as possible. If it’s a blank wall (and you have nothing to fill the empty space) create an art project moment for the kids in the house (or adults for that matter) and fill that wall with home-made art. Not artistically inclined grab that the digital camera and printer and snap candid shots of people as they enter the house. String twine on the wall in a creative pattern and clip the digital images (I’ve used Polaroid’s back in the day) to the twine using gator clips purchased at Office Depo. If it’s a table top that needs attention send the family out into nature and gather leaves, branches and pine-cones and together create a beautiful still life that will great your guests. There’s no cost to this and it can be a fun family project.4. Give them Something to Smile About. Aroma can be a powerful tool that creates mood and enhances experiences. This should not be ignored when considering how to impact your guests with little or no cost. If you have scented candles in the house (matching scents please) distribute them one per room and light them an hour before guests arrive. If you have no budget for candles then run by the grocery store and purchase a 5 pound bag of navel oranges and a container of cinnamon and/or nutmeg. Fill a large pot with water, cut 4 oranges into quarters (leave the skin on) and drop into the water. Add a table spoon of cinnamon and/or nutmeg and bring to a boil two hours before guests arrive. Reduce heat to a simmer and then check back from time to time. As needed add more water, oranges and spices while you enjoy this festive mix and the aroma it produces. So much better to welcome your guests with rather than musty gym socks and kitty litter; wouldn’t you agree?

5. De-clutter Everything. Yes, this repeats a bit the point made in Idea #1 above… but it stresses the importance given to the idea that less is more. You know you’ve edited and de-cluttered things to a point when you start to ask yourself is this room too empty. While it may seem that way at first when you add guests (always have seating for every guest), food, drink and music I promise you things will feel just right.6. Music in the Background. Nothing feels more uncomfortable to an arriving guest than walking into a quiet house. Have soft, event-appropriate music playing before your guests arrive. Gently control the volume (raising it as more guests arrive; lowering it as guests depart) and provide an elegant background against which your guests can enjoy their time in your home.

Venetian Blind Repair

Venetian blinds are versatile, practical, and durable. It’s no wonder they are such a popular choice for home and office window coverings. Nevertheless, even the sturdiest Venetian blinds can develop some problems – cords break and slats can be damaged. Fortunately, you can usually fix many of these problems in just a few steps, and you’ll often find there are Venetian blind repair kits with all the materials you need. Let’s take a closer look.Replacing Venetian Blind CordsBefore you start replacing the cord, you should inspect your blinds and see how the cords work. Broken or frayed cords should be replaced, but you’ll want to look at an intact cord and see how things work. From the bottom of the cord (where there is usually a tassel or plastic end), strings rise up through a gravity catch across the top of the blinds and through holes in the slats. There is also a set of strings that are shaped somewhat like a ladder which work to rotate the slats. If you think you need help remember the cord system, just take some photos with your phone or digital camera.

Remove your blinds from the window and ensure your replacement string is an appropriate length. Find the string access point at the top and bottom of the blinds. Most access points are easy to identify at the top of the blinds, and at the bottom you’ll usually find some kind of cap or slide that can be removed to access the string.Disconnect the cord at one end, and always replace just one string at a time. Carefully thread the string through the base of the blinds and upwards through the holes on the blind slats. Always try to follow the same path as the original string. You’ll follow the path through the top and to the bottom of the blinds, making sure to secure the cord along the bottom rail of the blinds. You want to make a knot that won’t slip out, and you’ll notice that the blinds have a pair of holes to attach the string through.Finally, replace the caps and rails that you had to remove to access the bottom of the string. Hang your blinds and ensure the new cord works properly.Caring for SlatsUltimately, you should take care with the slats on your blinds, ensuring to clean them regularly. Still, from time to time, slats will need to be replaced.

First, you’ll want to order replacement slats through the manufacturer. You could also bring the broken slat to a hardware store and look for a match in their blind department. On the bottom rail of the blinds, you’ll notice some small buttons that can be easily removed with a flat-head screwdriver. Untie the knot strings so you can remove the bottom rail and subsequent slats. Pull up the cord just to the point of the broken slat(s). Next, string the new slats into position, making sure they are in the correct position and direction. Finally, replace the bottom rail, and retie the knot cord. Insert the buttons once you’ve verified the bottom rail and slats are tied evenly.

Homewares to Make a House a Home

When you move into a new house, you want to make it homely, make it feel lived in and make sure it’s inviting when you get home after a long day and when you have guests over for a meal. It’s not easy to turn any house into a home, especially modern homes are minimalistic in style, leaving you with a few options to create a spectacular place you can feel comfortable in.There are a number of items that you cannot be without, they will help transform the space, making you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. The great news if you have just moved or are in the process of building a modern home, is you can choose modern materials, such as concrete to use for your home wares. This means you don’t compromise the overall design of the property and stay within the minimalistic limits to create your own unique and personal space.

Photo frames are a must in any home, these are home wares you cannot be without and enable you to place your memories around the home to make it feel more personal. Be careful when choosing photo frames, it’s important you choose a design that blends in with your overall house style without compromising on the minimalism you’re trying to do. Concrete options are ideal, offering texture, style and something unique to showcase your precious memories.Art work on the walls can instantly transform any home. Be very selective when choosing artwork, decide what colors and impact you want to make. When choosing artwork to place on your walls, you need to also decide size. Size plays a very important part in your selection process. A large wall needs a large and impressive print, a small art piece will look completely out-of-place. Ensure you pay attention to sizes, measure the wall and the space you want to fill and then search online until you find something that will enhance the overall design of the room to perfection.Now it’s time to start filling your shelves with all your trinkets and books. Book ends are wonderful additions to any room, but are also functional and practical items. There is nothing worse than showcasing your impressive book choice in the living room or you area and they’re all falling over and leaning in different directions. Book ends help keep the books neat and tidy on their shelf, enabling you to line them up and use them as a display.Other home wares you should pay close attention to is ornaments. You can carefully select a host of modern ornaments that will blend into your house style and help you give your house a homely feel. Concrete ornaments are a welcome addition in their natural color, providing you with an artistic addition to your shelves and a chance to make your house the home you have always dreamed of.

What about the bathroom? You can add stunning soap dishes to add that personal touch to the space without cluttering it. These home ware items are not only stylish and visually appealing, but are practical. Rather than having soap suds to clean all around the top of the basin and bath, you have one item that needs are washed out.A final touch that you can use in your living room, dining room or the outdoor entertainment area is coasters. Coasters are a must have home ware item in any home and can cut unwelcome marks on tables caused from cold glasses and bottles.

Saree Soiree

Antique sarees are a handmade history. The designs woven into the cloth evoke both the signature of the weaver and the occasion for which the fabric was made. Many women do not know what to do with their old sarees and simply sell it for the zari or hand them down. Instead, a little bit of creativity can bring life back to these wonderful sarees in forms that could add a dash of colour to our homes. The colours and textures on them work with a variety of decorating schemes, from spare modernism or ornate decor.CurtainsA vivid silk saree billowing out at an open window or flanking a set of sheers in a formal room adds an exotic note to eclectic decor. In a living or dining room with several windows, use a heavier, Soireelustrous fabric as a column on either side of custom shades, wooden blinds or pale under-drapes that draw close. For the bedroom, choose a ‘filmy’ saree to drape over a valance bar and drift down the sides of the windows. Cover shades with saree fabric for a pull-down traditional ambiance. Hang sarees at the columns of a four-poster bed or suspend them over the bed from dowels affixed to the ceiling at the headboard and footrest.

BeddingAntique sarees are fragile, and your collection may exist in fragments rather than complete garments. Pull the scraps out of the closet and give them some everyday exposure. The pieces are beautiful when stitched together for a duvet cover or bed quilt. Use longer lengths or the more elaborate ‘pallu’, the decorative end of the saree, as a border or on mix-and-match pillow shams. You will seldom find identical colours and designs in a one-of-a-kind hand-woven old saree, so just use your discrimination to blend hues and patterns in a combination that pleases you. Try graduated shades of one colour for a serene palette or the energising contrast of complementary colours like salmon and blue or pink and pale green.Upholstery and pillowsUse partial lengths of your antique saree as a makeover for fading furniture. Cover your dining room chair cushions in a hot pink and red embroidered saree fabric to stimulate the appetite and conversation around the table. Upholster your favourite wing chair in patches of saree fabric and curl up to read your fav Kipling or Arundhati Roy. A low ottoman with curved legs will look like a souvenir from the Raj when it sports a saree. Saree fabric pillows scattered on a daybed or sofa can turn a contemporary living room into an art gallery. Stretch scarce bits of the fabric by using them on pillow fronts with matching velvet or solid shantung silk for the backs.Wall Hangings

A treasured antique saree is a work of art, so treat it like one. A simple drapery rod affixed to the wall will let you hang your prize where it can be admired. Sew a velvet ‘sleeve’ for the rod if the saree is fragile to protect it from abrasion. Saree fabric is long and narrow, typically about 40 to 50 inches wide, although handmade antique sarees vary in width. Drape the saree over the rod, gathering the width in folds to hide any imperfections. Train a single gallery spotlight on the gleaming threads to emphasise the museum quality of your find. Double the impact by positioning a bronze statue on a pedestal in front of the opulent fall of fabric. And, the best part is that you can change the decor by swapping these antique sarees by the season or your whim.See more at: